We own delicate handcraft ability
and unique artistic sense.
Hidden Women Art Craft Studio
is pleased to handmake unique gift for its privilege customers.


We can specially design products for you : pouch, diary cover, cosmetic bag, mobile phone cover….(at least 50 pieces for one order)

我們會為特別的您設計: 小物袋, 日記套,化妝袋, 電話套…(每款最少訂單數量為50件)

Enquiry and Order :
Please call Ms. Lee at 2351 6333 for details.
請電2351 6333 與李小姐聯絡

HIDDEN WOMEN is a self-employed group of local South Asian women. The group members are residing here in Hong Kong from 4 months to 10 years or above. Most of them are unemployed or housewives. Their education levels are varied, from university graduate to no education. The group, HIDDEN WOMEN is named by a former group member who felt the needs of Pakistani are socially “hidden” and should deserve more concerns and understanding in Hong Kong society.



Catholic Diocese of HK Diocesan Pastoral Centre for Workers (Kowloon) is a non-profit making centre (with Tax Exemption Status under Section 88 of Inland Revenue Status) dedicated to serve all the grassroot workers and their families. We dedicate to serve all the workers in Hong Kong who are being socially marginalized, by the force of economic and cultural factors, regardless of their age, sex and religion.



Tel. 電話:2351 6333

Email 電郵 :dpcwkln@hkccla.org.hk

網址 Website :http://dpcwkln.hkccla.org.hk