ˇDAims and Objectives
ˇDExecutive committee members include

Aims and ObjectivesˇG

  • Fight for workers' rights, and improve workers' welfare
  • Train up the group members to be leaders of the workers
  • Facilitate the workers' groups for exchange and mutual support in the Centre
  • Assist the grassroot workers to form worker groups and develop themselves into independent organisation. Assist the centre to put forward projects and plans

Executive committee members include

Formation Group Aims
San Po Kong workers Faith Community (1993) Spread the Gospel to workers, study bible, and promote labour legislation to the laity
Putonghua Learning society (2000) Unite the students of Putonghau class, let them continue to study the language and promote it to the employed after completion of their courses
Green Protection workshop (2001) Gather the workers to organize courses and activities related to environmental protection, information and support; increase the workers' unified power and strengthen their network
Group on Freedom of English speech (2002) Stimulate abilities of expression in English by relaxing way, and share issues about work lives
Concerning Outstanding payment group (2005) Organize the workers facing the Claiming outstanding payment at Labour Tribunal, improve the procedures and mechanism of Claiming outstanding payment.