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There are many old factory buildings in San Po Kong. Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong Diocesan Pastoral Centre for Workers (Kowloon) has realised that in the district many night-shift security guides or causal workers who gather and wait for jobs are Pakistani. Some of their basic employment holidays or paid annual leaves are chiselled off, and their salaries are relatively low. They also know little about related legal protection in Hong Kong. They usually live in cluster of old buildings in San Po Kong.


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Although most of the Pakistani male workers can speak fluent Cantonese, they are almost facing employment difficulties. They revealed that racial discrimination in employment area really exists. While they have economic difficulties or are hard to find jobs, they usually try to find solution through their connection of clan or family, and less seek help from social resources. Most of Pakistani women are full-time housewives, and they have few opportunities to contact with the society. Part of the middle aged women are illiterate so that they know little about social resources.


Services of Catholic Workers' Centre (Kowloon) TOP


  1. Regular social outreach in the district, and active contact with the worker community with special needs;
  2. Make use of the network with their friends and colleagues to conduct small study group on employment ordinance;
  3. Conduct applied Cantonese learning class for women in the district.
"Good neighbors" Volunteer Service Project   TOP

While most of the Pakistini women are illiterate, speaking or listening to Cantonese is a very difficult affair to them. Thus, our centre has recruited volunteers as teaching assistants to provide one-to-one tutorial to the students in the Cantonese class every Saturaday afternoon. (The teacher is a Pakistini woman, born in Hong Kong)

Currently, the volunteers mainly come from Catholic Christ the Worker Church, St. Patrick Parish, and St. Lawrence's Church(begining from Immanuel Lutheran College in Tai Po). Every Saturday, from Sept., 2004 to July., 2006, they engage in "Good neighbors" Volunteer Service Plan, and each one teach a Pakistini woman Cantonese to help her cope with the social life in Hong Kong.

Some of the participating Pakistini women have been Hong Kong for nearly ten years, but they can speak only little Cantonese. Nevertheless, they are no longer shy and now always carry a cheerful face. It has proven the efforts of church volunteers, who have attributed their care and become the good neighbors of those mariginal families.