Job Seeking Practices of Ethnic Minority Youths in Hong Kong - Evaluation of employment support services (2018)

  Shadow Poverty Situations Research Report on the Hong Kong South Asian Ethnic Minorities Families (2013) (Urdu and Nepali translation see Appendix A)

  Research Report on the Enforcement of Statutory Minimum Wage and Accessibility of Anti-Poverty Government Social Services or Measures among South Asians Residents of Hong Kong (2012)

  The Working Situation of Security Guards in Yau Tsim Mong District Single-entrance buildings ¡V Questionnaire Research Report (2011)

  ¡uHong Kong Ethnic Minorities Workers : An Action Research Report on their Occupational Health and Safety (2011)
(English Translation only available on the part of ¡§Discussion and Recommendation¡¨ only)

  ¡uStatutory Labour Right Protection Situations among South Asian Working Residents in Hong Kong ¡v(2010)

  ¡uResearch report on the Difficulties Faced by Employees in Labour Tribunal in the Settlement of Labour Disputes and Claims¡v(2006)
(English Translation only available on ¡§Abstract¡¨ only)